Q.How do I open an account?

You are required to personally appear to our office at CK Building, 748 Juan Luna Street Binondo, Manila to fill up and sign our Customer Account Information Form (CAIF) and submit 2 photocopies of government accepted valid ID’s.

Q.Is there a required minimum amount in opening an account?
A.Depending on the type of transaction,
For purchase of share of stocks, we require an initial investment in cash equivalent to your planned purchase of shares. These funds will be used to purchase your shares of stocks.
For sale of shares of stocks, we require that you deposit the stock certificate duly endorsed by the account holder, said stock certificates have to be cleared by the Phil. Depository and Trust Corp. (PDTC) before it will be available for sale.
Q.What is your commission rate?
A.Please contact Mount Peak Securities Inc., for detailed information.
Q.What other fees do I have to pay for my transaction?
A.The following lists are the corresponding charges applicable for
purchase and sale transactions:
Commission on the total gross transaction amount or a minimum of P 50.00 per transaction whichever is higher.
Value Added Tax (VAT) on commission equivalent to 12%.
PSE transaction fee equivalent to .005% of the gross transaction amount.
SCCP fee equivalent to .01% of the gross transaction amount.
Sales tax equivalent to .6% of the gross transaction amount (for sale transaction only)
Commission + VAT on com. + PSE + SCCP = total fees
Purchase 10,000 shares of Meralco at Php15.00/share
is computed as follows: (Meralco’s Par Value is 10.00)
Total fees = Php2,250.00 + Php 270.00 + Php7.50 + Php15.00 =Php 2,542.50
Commission + VAT on com. + Sales Tax + PSE
+ SCCP = total fees
Sale 10,000 shares of Meralco at Php16.00/share
is computed as follows:
Total fees = Php2,400.00 + Php288.00 + Php800 + Php8.00 + Php16.00 =Php 3,512.00
Above computation is based on the maximum commission of 1.5%
and is merely an example only, please contact Mount Peak Securities Inc.for more details.
Q.What is the minimum volume per transaction trade?
A.The board lots and fluctuations for the different price ranges are shown below: